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Each youth has the unique power to become leaders in their community and create change for their communities. Your donation can empower youth and make a tangible difference in their lives.



Choose the investment that works best for you. Thank you for your generous contribution.


As a grassroots organization, sustainability is key. We love receiving large contributions from generous donors. By making a one-time gift, you join a community of donors committed to helping youth find and use their voice to make change today. Every dollar makes a difference, so give what you can when you can.

You can also mail-in your gift. Please make checks and/or money orders payable to “Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)" and write "Youth on Root" on the memo line. Your gift can be sent to the following address: Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)Attn: Youth on Root23564 Calabasas Road Suite 201Calabasas, CA 91302


Another thing we love? Small, consistent, reliable Seeds of Growth! Whether it's $1 or $100, your monthly contribution gives us the gift of sustainability - the most precious gift for a growing nonprofit - and helps to ensure that YoR has the resources we need to support this movement. This is the easiest and most convenient way to give, and you can change or cancel your gift anytime. Monthly Seeds of Growth donors join a community of contributors investing in frontline youth's potential to take their rightful place as leaders of the environmental justice movement.


Your employer might match your donation to YoR and double your impact on low-income youth and youth of color. To find out if your workplace has a matching gift program, contact or your human resources department.


Sponsorship can exist in many different forms. You can donate money, goods, or services to an event. You can also pay for the cost of promoting our events. Contact for sponsorship opportunities.

Short Essay by Youth Advisory Board member Ashley Valentin Gonzalez I am Ashley Valentin, a proud first-generation Chicana, environmentalist, storyteller, and a lifelong resident of Logan Heights. It's a community that unfortunately bears the heavy burden of having the highest asthma rates in California, a stark reminder of the environmental challenges that we face. My journey towards becoming an advocate for environmental justice was profoundly influenced by my father, who was championing environmental causes long before I even grasped the concept. One of my earliest and most cherished memories revolves around my father's use of nopal to tend to my wounds. This experience not only served as a lesson in natural healing but also highlighted the profound connection between healing, the land, and our people. Through his captivating storytelling, my father instilled in me a deep appreciation for the wisdom of our ancestors and the power of the land to provide remedies that nurture both our physical well-being and our cultural heritage. These formative experiences served as a catalyst for the direction I chose in my life's work. I was determined to ensure that the initiatives I undertook were intersectional, addressing the complex web of challenges faced by our community. The Youth on Root’s Youth Advisory Board provided me with a better insight into how to bring to life visions of environmental justice in our communities and the significant role that youth have in a grassroots movement. One transformative experience that stands out is YoR's first annual Seeds of Change Summit. This summit was more than just a gathering; it was a breathtaking journey where I forged connections with fellow board members and youth hailing from every corner of California. The collective wisdom shared during the conference was inspiring, and I found myself learning invaluable lessons. As the conference unfolded, a youth from San Diego approached me. They revealed that the conference had inspired them to alter their academic path, shifting their focus to environmental studies. This encounter crystallized the tangible impact we were making in real-time. The spark of change wasn't a distant promise for the future; it was occurring in the present moment. These experiences affirm that the power to effect change lies within us, and it's happening now, not tomorrow. Let this be a testament to the transformative potential we hold and the urgency to continue nurturing a movement where youth actively contribute to the ongoing fight toward environmental justice.

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