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Photo by Jhudel Baguio


We will regularly host remote events led by our youth and featuring frontline community members and college youth who will expand on our curriculum, facilitate workshops, and engage in leadership development. Those who participate in these events will access the curriculum and also join a network of allies and advocates with whom to continue these conversations.


Once the COVID-19 pandemic no longer causes limitations on in-person gatherings, we will launch a grant program to support student groups at the University of California and California State University campuses in hosting our Annual Environmental Justice Youth Leadership Summit. In the spirit of the People of Color Environmental Leadership Summits in 1991 and 2002, high school youth from regions across California will attend as delegates for their communities.


To ensure the Summit is for youth by youth, college youth conference organizers will execute the Summit in thought partnership with our Youth Advisory Board; YoR’s Advisory Council will lend technical and financial support as well as oversight. The Summit’s goals are to create an empowering space for both college and high school-aged youth to (1) network with each other and speakers, such as community activists, educators and thinkers, policymakers, and public and private lawyers; and (2) gain exposure to higher education institutions and related opportunities.

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