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Rachael Meyers

Program Director


Rachael Meyers has been working at the intersection of youth leadership and outdoor/environmental education for over ten years. Originally from New England where she struggled to find belonging as a gumptious Mixed Black girl, nature was her safe haven. Her experience growing up low-income in both urban and rural spaces informs her environmental justice leadership, as she learned early that unique communities require unique solutions. Rachael found her permanent home in Oakland, California, in the unceded territory of the Chochenyo Ohlone people who are the true stewards of this land, where she lives and works toward liberation with her beloved community. Her personal mission is to nurture self determination in Black & Brown youth as they grow into their power as radically liberated community leaders who have a deep sense of belonging and connection with nature. She believes deeply that young people hold the answers to protecting our planet, and finds immense joy in supporting their ever evolving vision and growth.

Rachael Meyers
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