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Our 2023 Seeds of Change Summit Putting Down Roots

What an unforgettable event we had. Our seeds of change convening was filled with so many frontline Youth across California.

Youth On Root Summit-190.jpg

In the spirit of the People of Color Environmental Leadership Summits in 1991 and 2002, high school youth and youth environmental justice leaders from regions across California attend Youth on Root's annual Seeds of Change Summit as delegates for their communities. The Summit's goals are to create an empowering space for college and high school-aged youth to collaborate and organize, network with notable speakers, gain exposure to higher education institutions and career pathways, and connect with other frontline youth from across California.

The Seeds of Change Summit is free to attend, and Youth on Root provides funding support to help cover the cost of travel and accommodations for grassroots environmental justice groups made up of youth from frontline communities.
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